Tuesday, June 19, 2007

Ribbon Magic

The age-old tradition of playing with colored ribbons and tying them in knots is rooted in folk magic.

Ribbons are a basic ingredient of most spells, and ribbon magic is one of the simplest ways to literally weave magic. Ribbons are easy to obtain, and it is worth buying a variety of different colored ones for use. An old custom that still persists into modern times is the Maypole---men, women and children hold colored ribbons and dance between each other, weaving them together in a fertility rite to ensure good harvests.

Healing Waters

Tying colored ribbons to trees near ancient springs or lakes honors the healing spirits of the waters and so represents a wish that these healing spirits will cure an ailment.

Weaving Magic with Your Ribbons

Tying knots

A knot secures something, be it a shoe or a boat. In magic, knots fix your spell and focus your intent. To secure your wishes, repeat your intent every time you tie a knot.

Binding (protection)

Just as ribbons bind your hair, protecting it from the wind or dirt, they also bind negative influences and prevent them from affecting you.


If you have allowed a time frame for the spell to work in, be sure not to untie any knots in the ribbon before this time.

Wearing Ribbons

For a period of time prior to casting your spell, wear your ribbon in your hair or on a belt loop. This charges it with your own energy, increasing the power being put into the spell.


When you've performed your ribbon spell, be sure to keep the ribbon somewhere safe. Wrapping it in a piece of natural silk is ideal.

Basic Ribbon Spells

Attraction Spells

Spells to attract a partner are frequently done with ribbons. Use two ribbons to bind yourselves together.

1. Male/Female

Take two ribbons, one red (male) and one white or pink (female).

2. Weaving Together

Weave the two ribbons together while visualizing the desired partner coming into your life and their path entwining with yours.

3. Added Magic

Use complementary candles and essential oils to anoint the ribbons, such as rose oil for a woman and frankincense for a man.

Weave your ribbons together to symbolize your life and your lover's becoming entwined. Rub romantic oils into your plaited ribbon to strengthen the magic associations with love.

Ribbon Colors

Use the magic of color to find the most appropriate ribbon for strengthening your spell.

White-- purity, healing, blessing, wisdom, innocence.

Red-- energy, passion, vitality, willpower, success.

Orange-- creativity, prosperity, emotional strength.

Yellow-- mental power, wealth, communication, travel.

Green-- growth, fertility, harmony.

Light blue-- healing, serenity, peace, security.

Dark blue-- success in long-term plans, clarity

Purple-- spiritual development, luck, psychic abilities.

Pink-- gentle love, romance, friendship, tranquility.

Brown-- grounding, stability, endurance.

Black-- binding, depression, absorbing negativity.

Number of Knots

(1) The number of unity. For focus, single-mindedness, acceptance.

(2) The number of duality. Balance in partnerships and relationships.

(3) Number of Saturn. For solidity, timing, acceptance.

(4) Number of Jupiter. For dealing with authority, general health.

(5) Number of Mars. For energy, passion, courage, willpower.

(6) Number of the Sun. For success, wealth, charisma.

(7) Number of Venus. For love, fertility, emotional growth.

(8) Number of Mercury. For mental clarity, healing, communication.

(9) Number of the Moon. For the emotions, tides, glamour.

(10) Number of the Earth. For endurance, perseverance and grounding.

Remember to repeat your intent every time you tie a knot to secure your wishes, and be sure not to untie any knots in the ribbon before enough time had passed for your spell to work properly. A couple of minutes is usually not sufficient, some spells and magical workings require days or weeks to complete. It is sometimes best to start on the night of a new moon and allow the knots to remain until the full moon in order to get the best affect for your spellwork.


Sideon said...

Thank you for posting this lovely magic of the ribbon.

Astarte Moonsilver said...

You're welcome, I hope you find this information useful!

Blessed Be


Anonymous said...


Im trying to cast a spell to help me find a home for my baby and me. Im reting a flat just now but want to attract a perfect home for us. I love the idea of ribbon magic and i have found an old key - any ideas of what colours of ribbon to use and the number of knots ?

any thing else that helps.

Many thanks