Monday, November 29, 2010

The Magic of Charms and Symbols

Magical charms can bring powerful, positive vibrations into your life. Most of us use charms without realizing their power. We "knock on wood" for luck, exchange wedding rings and wear the colors of our favorite team while watching a game. These actions originate from a time when everyone believed that the energy of the universe could be channeled into objects and symbols. This is known as "sympathetic magic"-- the idea that carrying a reminder of something imbues its owner with the powers of the original.

Charms are still effective tools today when used with awareness and clear intent. For example, a horseshoe hung with the points facing upward brings you luck as it symbolizes a new Moon; wearing the same clothes as a celebrity allows you to feel as successful as them.

How your magic charms work

Chose a charm that bestows the protection or powers you require.

Symbols, letters and numbers

These ancient symbols tap into a current of magic that has benefited humanity since antiquity. Harness it with runic pendants, Celtic tattoos and ankh earrings.

Lucky objects

Finding a lucky penny and cherishing it attracts wealth; a letter from a friend carried in your pocket becomes a popularity charm.

Plants and crystals

Carrying or wearing plants and crystals brings us into direct contact with the magical energies of nature.


A symbol of something can contain the qualities of the orginal. A lion can bestow courage; a bear, protection; and a dog, loyalty.

Divine help

Religious images as jewelry carry protection and healing from the spiritual source.

Placing your Charms

There are many different charms you can choose and many ways you can use them. Use this checklist below to give you some ideas.

Herbs and Flowers

Herbs and flowers are known to have healing qualities,which means they make very useful charms.

*Lavender is great for averting worry, and rosemary is protective.

*Coriander makes a romantic love charm.

Hang bunches of herbs in the home, or make an amulet by sewing a small pouch and filling it with an appropriate mixture of leaves and flowers.

Charms in the Home

Where better to experience the beneficial effects of magical charms than at home? Charms can protect our possessions and family, help us sleep, attract prosperity, boost health and create a calm atmosphere.

*Place a statue of Buddha by the main entrance and touch it daily for luck.

*Hang a dream catcher above your bed to allay nightmares.

*Place a cross of elder twigs on your front door to deter unwelcome guests.

Food Charms

When we eat symbolic or charmed foods we literally ingest their power.

*The Yule Feast affirms the prosperity of the year ahead with the currants in mince pies and yule pudding representing money.

*Sharing oysters with your partner gets you both in the mood for love.


You can also give charms as presents-- passing on luck.

* A silver cup for a baby at Wiccanning is a symbol of health and happiness.

*A horseshoe charm at a wedding increases the fertility of the union.

*The key that adorns 18th and 21st birthday cards unlocks the secrets of adult life.


Worn next to the skin, the power of the charm affects the wearer all day.

*Jewelry enables a combination of magical elements to work together: metals, precious stones and symbols should be carefully selected to suit your purpose.

*Always charge your charm before wearing it.

*Leave silver jewelry outside on the night of a full Moon in order to refresh its energy. Gold charms, in contrast, need sunlight to activate them and should be left out in daylight.

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