Monday, October 15, 2007

The Ivy Moon: September 30- October 27

The Ivy Moon coincides with the end of the harvest season when successes and losses must be accounted for. In ancient times, intoxicating ale was brewed from ivy and was used to induce visions of the battlefield.

The plant teaches us that restrictions are necessary to help us hone our skills. During this month, remember that your enemies are your teachers and that opposition is a blessing in disguise. Focus on magic that strengthens your resolve.

Prepare for the future

Spells that boost your sense of responsibility will make you ready for what lies ahead. Be prepared to take the long-term view and accept and celebrate your life as it is right now. Trust that the Ivy Moon will prepare you to receive an answer to your prayers at exactly the right time.

The Ritual of the "Ivy Girl"

Ivy grows in a spiral formation reminding us that each cycle of the seasons brings us closer to the center, to the spirit. The last harvest sheaf to be cut in the village was once bound with ivy and called the "Ivy Girl". This was given to the farmer whose harvest was last, as a reminder of his responsibility to the spirits of the land.


Ivy is ruled by the planet Saturn and is often linked with horned gods such as Pan and Dionysus, and as such is a plant of protection, sexuality, property and faith. Ivy was also believed to protect from alcoholic intoxication. For this reason, intertwined vines of grape and ivy, representing balance, were depicted in ancient images of Dionysus.


House Protection Spell

Utilize the magic of ivy to protect your home from negative influences. You will need:

A black candle
Lots of ivy stems

--Light the candle and say," I call upon the spirits of this place, come in peace."

--Make a circle of ivy stems on the floor and step into the center.

--Turn to the north and recite, "Spirits of the Earth protect me."

--To the east say, "Spirits of air protect me."

--To the south say, "Spirits of fire protect me."

--To the west say, "Spirits of water protect me."

--Place the stems that formed your circle at the boundaries of your property.

Women's Ivy Charms

Ivy is a feminine plant and it is particularly lucky for women. Use the following ivy charms all year around to utilize ivy's powerful magical properties.

*Brides who carry or wear ivy will have a long, committed and prosperous marriage. Sew an ivy leaf into a small pocket of white linen, and give this to a bride to slip into the hem of her wedding dress for luck.

*To guard against accidents while driving, carefully secure an ivy leaf on your car's dashboard.

*Grow ivy vines around the front door of your house to prevent negativity from entering your home.

Facing Challenges

Performing this ritual during the Ivy Moon will help you to learn from difficult circumstances and move on. To perform this ritual you will need:

A piece of paper
A pen
A white candle
A fireproof dish

*Write a list of the troubles that you are experiencing.

*Next to each one write what you have gained from it, for example "It made me stronger."

*Light the candle saying, "This flame represents my faith in the universe. I give thanks for the lessons I have learned."

*Burn the paper and feel yourself grow stronger.

Ivy Spell Bags

Use the magic of ivy to strengthen your willpower.

--Ivy leaves, ginger and echinacea (pronounced eck-can-ay-sha) placed in a yellow spell bag will guard against addictive behavior.

--Ivy leaves, chicory, sea salt and sage in a navy blue bag will guard against overspending.

--A charm of ivy leaves, hawthorn leaves, and red chili seeds placed in a white spell bag will help to keep you faithful to your lover.

--Placing ivy leaves lily petals and lilac flowers in a blue spell bag will prevent you from returning to a destructive relationship.

Wednesday, October 10, 2007

Wishing Spells

from SCIPA

Wishing magic utilizes the natural sources in the world around you. You can call upon the four elements of earth, air, fire and water; using wishing crystals, flowers, herbs and spices; or find a wishing tree for your spell. Use images of the things you desire to focus the intent of your spell. Your timing is another important factor to consider.

Wish upon a new Moon

For drawing something to you, such as a work opportunity, wish when the Moon is growing, from new to full. The new Moon begins when you can see a silver crescent in the sky.

Wish upon a waning Moon

To release something, such as an illness or a bad relationship, work with the waning Moon phase. This begins on the third day after the full Moon.

A simple wishing spell:

Turning your dreams into reality takes only a little time and effort where magic is concerned. Start practicing your wishing magic with this simple wishing spell to be cast in alignment with the full Moon.

1. Magic Ribbon
Purchase one yard of thin, silver ribbon from a craft or fabric store.

2. Wishing Tree
Choose a tree under whose branches you will wish. You should make your wish during the phase of the full Moon to draw the object of your dreams to you.

3. Give Thanks
When you have made your wish, tie the ribbon loosely but securely around a branch of your wishing tree. Stay for a while to commune and give thanks to your tree.

Elemental Wishing

Each one of the four elements has its particular associations with types of wishes:

Working with Earth

Earth symbolizes growth and fertility. It represents stability as it "grounds" the qualities you possess. Focus on the earth when your wishes include:

Financial security
Practical areas of life
Fertility and fertile opportunities
Work and career
Home and garden

Outdoor Wishes-- When working with the earth element, write your wish on a piece of natural paper and "plant" it outside. Bury your wish beneath a plant or a tree that draws your attention. (Do not dig it up once you have buried it.)

Indoor Wishes-- Light a green candle every evening at the start of a full Moon phase and keep relighting it until the Moon is full. Repeat your wish three times each time you relight your candle.

Working with Air

Air represents intellectual pursuits and our minds. It also symbolizes our spirit flying high, striving toward new goals and experiences. Focus on the air when your wishes involve:

Success in exams
Job interviews
Mental stability
Stress relief
Medicine and health

Outdoor wishes-- When working with air, visualize a gentle breeze blowing through your wish- perhaps by hanging a ribbon from a window or from a branch of a tree.

Indoor wishes-- If you can't work outside, light a yellow candle on a windowsill every evening for seven nights, starting on the first night of the new Moon. Repeat you wishing spell three times every time you relight your candle.

Working with Water

Water represents our emotions and the flow of our lives and relationships. Draw on the water element when wishing for:

Healing illness
Emotional issues
Relationship harmony
Dreams and trust

Outdoor wishes-- When working with the water element, you could visit a lake, river or stream. Hold a crystal (aquamarine and mother-of-pearl have particular associations with water) and visualize your wish as a spark contained within it. Then cast your crystal into the waters.

Indoor wishes-- Starting with the waning of the Moon, light a pale blue candle every evening for seven nights. Repeat your wish three times when you relight your candle.

Working with Fire

Fire represents change and transformation and also the spark of life within us - consider such terms as "fire in your heart" and "fiery temperament". Call upon fire in wishes for:

Removal of conflict
Dynamic energy
Psychic protection
Passion and desire

Outdoor wishes-- When working with the fire element, you could hang up a garden lantern containing a red or orange candle as you recite your wish. Or simply watch the sunrise and make a wish.

Indoor wishes-- When working fire magic indoors, always begin when the moon is full. Light a read candle every evening for seven nights, repeating your wish three times every time you relight your candle.