Wednesday, March 31, 2010

The Magic of Lavender

Lavender has been an essential ingredient in spells and charms since ancient times. You can still use it today in your love, healing and purification magic.

Lavender Folklore

In ancient times, lavender had magical and healing associations. Known by the ancient Greeks as the "witches' herb," it was associated with the goddess Hecate, queen of enchantment. The Romans burned lavender over coals during childbirth to ease labor pains and purify the air. Meditating on lavender is said to heal depression and ensure a long life.

In medieval cosmology, all things on Earth fell under the governance of a planet. Lavender is governed by Mercury, the fleet-footed messenger of the Gods in Roman mythology. Mercury's character is seen as changeable and potent in the areas of intellect and communication, thus mercurial plants are often known for their stimulating and balancing effects on the mind, indeed, lavender has long been renowned for its uplifting and calming properties on body and spirit. This enchantingly scented herb has many associations and traditions in folklore:

* In traditional methods of gardening, it was thought that planting lavender close to beds of crocus bulbs would repel and scavenging birds.

* In folk medicine, chewing lavender seeds was said to purge worms from the body. It was also used as a cure for "cold diseases" of the head, convulsions, and fainting fits.

* Apothecaries named pure lavender oil "Oil of Spike" because of its potent sting quality. It was used on the limbs to treat palsy.

* In the Mediterranean, lavender sprigs were woven into the rim of hats to prevent headaches caused by the Sun.

Talisman of Love and Protection

Lavender is important in love magic and was traditionally worn by prostitutes to attract customers. Wearing a sprig of lavender is said to offer protection from violence and cruelty, while combining it with rosemary is an ancient remedy to preserve chastity. According to folklore, if you place lavender under your pillow and make a wish, your dreams will reveal whether it will come true. Lavender is also thought tot help you get in touch with the spirit world.

How to use Lavender in Spells

Lavender can be used in magic the following ways:

* Spell Bags
* Charms
* Anointing
* Love Spells
* Purification

Working Lavender Magic

Lavender candles can be powerful ingredients. Follow the step-by-step examples below to see how you can use a lavender candle in castin your own spells.

Casting a Spell to Attract Love

You will need:

* A Lavender Candle
* A Small Mirror
* A Red Makeup Pencil
* A Pink Pen
* A Pink Piece of Paper
* A Sprig of Lavender

1. Sit in a quiet place and imagine your ideal partner, then rub the paper with the lavender flowers.

2. Hold the candle in your right hand and visualize your ideal lover. Imagine what qualities you would like them to possess. Make sure you don't picture a real person; concentrate instead on the aspects that are important to you (for example, "he must share my passion for dancing").

3. Light your candle while saying, "Hecate, queen of enchantment, I ask for my soul mate to join me. Blessed Be".

4. Draw a heart with the makeup pencil around your reflected face in the mirror. Say, "I am in love."

5. Write a letter to your soul mate, explaining what kind of relationship you would like to have with him. Burn it in the candle flame and say, "I send you this letter, my true love. May you come to me swiftly."

6. Carry the lavender sprig in your pocket until you meet your lover- it may well happen soon!

Candle Wish Spell

You will need:

* A Lavender Sprig
* Some Olive Oil
* A Glass Jar
* Some Dried Lavender

1. On a full moon, hold the lavender to the Moon and say, "Lady Moon, I call your magic into this herb."

2. Put the herb and oil in the jar. Seal the jar and store in a dark place.

3. On the New Moon, when the first sliver of crescent is visible in the sky, fetch the jar and the candle.

4. Hold the candle in your right hand and visualize your wish, clearly using all of your senses. Starting at the center, anoint the candle with the oil, working first left and then right. Say your wish out loud.

5. Light the candle and visualize the flame going out into the universe to make your wish come true.