Saturday, June 16, 2007

Casting Simple Candle Spells

The light and warmth of a candles' flame is one of our most powerful connections to fire--the element of creativity, life and health.

Remember the first time you made a wish as you blew out the candles on a birthday cake? As a child you believed your wish would come true and had an innocent faith that something magical would happen. You probably didn't realize it, but as you visualized the end result (made a wish), concentrated upon it (blew out the candles), and hoped your wish would be granted, you were casting your very first candle spell.

Getting Started

Candle magic is very simple---but highly effective. From the tea lights that warm your essential oil burner, to the romantic candles on your dinner table, you probably have everything you need in your house already. All that needs to be added is the knowledge of how to choose the appropriated candle for your purpose and how to use it to weave magic.

Choosing the Appropriate Color

As candles give out light, their power lies partially in the visual realm of the color spectrum . As colors have strong magical associations, choosing these the appropriate one for your candle can help to strengthen the power of your wish.

Red-- passion, energy, vitality, success

Orange-- stimulation, courage, creativity, prosperity

Yellow-- change, mental strength, travel

Green-- fertility, harmony in relationships, money

Light Blue-- healing, spiritual harmony, peace

Dark Blue-- removal of obstacles, long-term issues

Purple-- good luck fortune, legal matters

Pink-- friendship, love loyalty, romance.

Black-- absorption of negativity, depression, and other dark states

Casting Your First Simple Candle Spell

1. Choose your candle

Choose the candle most suited to your wish. Before you start, make sure you will not be disturbed.

2. Set your intent

Decide on the exact wording of your wish. This is known as your "intent" and focuses your mind on exactly what you are asking for.

3. Get it straight

You can write your intent down, speak it aloud, or just think it silently.

4. Meditate

Light your candle and sit quietly beside it, contemplating your wish.

5. Focus on your wish

As your candle burns down, visualize the energy of your will being released by the candle flame.

6. Release your intent

If you wrote your wish down, at this stage you should hold the piece of paper it's written on in the candle flame, until it has completely burned away.

7. Bind your spell

To "bind" your spell, you may wish to recite a suitable incantation: "I call on Earth to heed my spell. Air to speed its passage well. Bright as fire shall this spell glow. Deep as tide of water flow. By my will, this spell is done." Say this out loud or recite it silently.

8. Finish the rite

Some traditions discourage blowing out candles, as it can scatter the power of the spell. If you can do so safely, it is best to allow the candle to burn itself out. If you cannot, extinguish the flame using a snuffer or cup placed directly over the flame of the candle until it goes out. Keep your wish secret, and make sure to keep a journal of your magickal workings so you can track your spell's success!

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