Wednesday, May 6, 2009

Casting Spells

Spell Casting is a safe and simple way to improve a situation by using your wishes to harmonize natural energies.

A spell is the combination of words and objects used to focus magical energy and direct it into ensuring the desired result. Casting spells can help you deal with areas of your life that cause problems and give you the confidence you need to overcome them. By working with words and objects that symbolize the goal you are seeking, you can direct and focus your won natural energies.

The Ethics of Spell Casting

All true Wiccans follow the ethic, "An it harm none, do as ye will", meaning you should not cause harm to anyone with your spells, including yourself. By using the power of your imagination, focused and heightened by concentration, will-power and belief, you can start to cast spells safely and positively.

Spells help your unconscious mind focus on your wishes and attract the outcome that is right for you. Use natural ingredients to harness the magical energies around you.

Spell Casting Through History

Witches and their beliefs have been demonized in recent times, but for thousands of years spells were used to help protect people from life's sorrows and pains. In the Middle Ages, local witches combined the roles of doctor, midwife, and vet, dispensing herbs to heal human and animal ailments and to aid births. Without a local pharmacy, they found their own ingredients, and an extensive knowledge of herbalism was essential. The traditions of herb and Moon lore, learned by witches, were usually oral. These were passed down and adapted through time.

Spells can be divided into three broad categories: Blessing, Wishing, and Protection.

Blessing Spells

Blessing spells are used to improve existing conditions. Within a rural community, such spells may include blessing crops and encouraging the appropriate weather to ensure a good harvest. Blessing spells can also heal people and animals, bringing more happiness and positive influence into a person's life. They can be used to purify places and buildings, removing unwanted influences. Blessing spells remind us of our connection to the people around us and our environment--for example, you may cast a blessing spell for along and happy life on a newborn baby or on a newlywed couple to ensure their future happiness.

Wishing or Attraction Spells

Wishing spells are cast to improve your quality of life. They include:

*Spells to improve your current job situation or help you find a new one.

*Spells to help you overcome nerves and perform well during exams.

*Spells to improve your luck.

*Spells to attract love into your life.

When you perform wishing spells, remember you are seeking to attract what is right for you. It is better to do spells to attract the "right" job or lover rather than a specific person or career, which may not in fact be right for you.

Protection Spells

Protection spells were among the most popular kind cast in ancient times. These can include:

*Protection when traveling

*House protection from burglary or negative influences.

Binding Spells

Binding spells are cast to stop an individual acting maliciously or negatively in a manner that causes harm. Such spells also help the person causing the problem to realize the harm they can do. They are NOT curses.

For example, if you are sexually harassed at work and wish to prevent the perpetrator from behaving in this manner, a binding spell would reflect their negative energies back on them and make them realize how they are harming others.


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