Thursday, April 30, 2009

How to Harness Your Inner Power

Following the path of Wicca means learning how to listen to a well-spring of inner knowledge and discovering how to use it in spell and ritual.

Within all of us is a deep reservoir of untapped potential filled with knowledge about the physical and spiritual worlds. Part of Wicca is about getting in touch with that "inner knowing"--learning how to read the signals, which may be competing with all manner of noise to be heard. Some people such as clairvoyants naturally hear these signals very clearly, but you may have to work at it.

Coincidence or Telepathy?

You may have experienced telepathy without even being aware of it--it's what happens when you think of a friend and suddenly they call you. You may even have experienced clairvoyance--how many times have you said, "I knew that would happen?" There are tools to help develop these divining gifts, such as a pendulum or dowsing rods, as well as wands that help direct the energies of your inner power.

Listen to the Voice Within

When you tap into your inner power you are also exercising your intuition and when you use your intuition you are really entering into the universal psyche--bypassing your own personal views and touching upon the universal truth. This is because your intuition is largely based upon what you "feel" about something, and as well as drawing upon the wisdom that has been taught to you by life experience, intuitive feelings are guided by that deep, hidden inner voice.

Quiet the Noise

Your brain is constantly making a racket and throwing up all manner of things to distract you from your inner truth--doubts and fears as well as logic and reasoning are all blocks to hearing your intuition and to harnessing the power within. Meditation is the art of learning to bypass this noise, so that the quiet voice of truth can be heard.

Using the Power Within

You can learn to access your inner power by employing techniques such as dreamwork, meditation, dowsing and working with magic wands.

A Dream Diary

The unconscious has many messages for you, but it speaks through symbols and dreams rather than directly.

Coded Messages

Unless you are already finely tuned to listening to your inner voice, many of the signals that are trying so hard to be heard can only bypass the everyday clatter by working at night. Unconscious messages appear in you dreams in the form of coded symbols. You can become more open to the messages from the unconscious by recording your dreams and by familiarizing yourself with the workings of your mind. Keep a notebook and pencil by your bed, and upon waking write down your dreams. Over time you will uncover more and more and open an easier dialogue between the unconscious and conscious mind.

Meditative Herbs

During a meditation session, use incense that helps to develop clairvoyance by clearing away mental debris. Frankincense, sandalwood and star anise are all good fragrances.

State of Peace

To enter a serene state, sit cross-legged and close your eyes. Focus your breath into your belly and concentrate on breathing. As thoughts arise, try not to pay attention to them, but let them float by. With practice you may notice that the scent of the herbs helps you to "drift away." Notice that this is happening and just gently come back to your breathing. Do this for 20 minutes and then notice how your inner voice is free to speak.

Practice Dowsing

A good time to try your first go at dowsing is when you are felling centered after a meditation session. With dowsing, the mind can be tempted to exercise logic and impose its will, but when you are feeling very still you are more likely to allow the intuitive mind to be heard. Before you start dowsing, establish the signals your dowsing tool provides for answering "yes" or "no".

Find the Answer

Holding a pendulum gently, establish what is "yes" and "no" answers are by asking, "Is my name _____?" The way it swings will be the "Yes". Check its "No" answer too, and you will then be ready to start dowsing. See if you can find a lost object in the house by asking simple "Yes" or "No" questions to the pendulum. It may be helpful to use a piece of paper with the words "yes" and "no" written on opposite sides, and then hang the pendulum over the paper with your receptive hand. (Right hand--projective, Left hand--receptive).

Working with Wands

Once you have opened up the pathway to your inner powers and can recognize when they are working, you are ready to practice directing these energies at will. This will take much time and effort, and you may initially find that directing your energies to charge objects for spells and rituals is quite draining.

Direct the Power

You should use a crystal-tipped wand for this exercise. (I will post more about making your own wand in the next post). Choose an object in a room and draw a circle clockwise around it with the tip of your wand. Point the wand at the object and concentrate on a musical note in your mind.

Direct the note from your head down your shoulder, arm, wrist, and hand and continue it along the length of the wand and into the object. Practice this daily until you hear the musical note whenever you enter the room with that object.

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