Sunday, October 26, 2008

The Magic of Moonstone

The beautiful sheen of moonstone seems to wax and wane like its namesake - and this crystal has featured in much lunar folklore.

Moonstone is considered a sacred link to the Moon in many cultures. In ancient India, people thought that the stone grew under the rays of the Moon and absorbed its mystical qualities, while a curious Sri Lankan belief recounted that every 37 years waves influenced by the Moon hurled opalescent moonstones onto the seashores.

Lunar Associations

Many qualities are attributed to this crystal in connection with the Moon. It is thought to protect those traveling by moonlight and is sometimes known as the Traveler's Stone. Moonstone was used in the Middle Ages to treat consumption (on a waxing moon), for divination (on a waning Moon), and to reconcile lovers (on a full Moon). The Romans also believed that the stone had the power to endow love, wealth and wisdom.

Moonstone in the Mouth

In the Middle Ages, it was believed that placing a moonstone in your mouth improved your memory. The stone was rinsed in water and placed on the tongue. You would then think about your affairs, while the stone fixed important issues in your mind and let more trivial problems slip away.

Oral divination

This is similar to the Indian belief that placing a moonstone in the mouth during a full Moon would enable lovers to divine their future together.

Another old legend says that if a person is unsure about a situation he should hold a moonstone in his mouth and concentrate on the matter. If attempted during a waning Moon, a solution will come to him.

Using Moonstone

The benefits of moonstone are many fold: use its powers to divine the future, strengthen you psychic abilities and relieve the discomfort of water retention.


Moonraking is an old technique used in magic to charge water for scrying or spells. Under a full Moon, a silver or crystal bowl is half filled with dew or spring water. A moonstone is then placed in the water.

Charge the Water

Using hand gestures, imagine you are "raking" the rays of the full Moon into the water in the bowl. Visualize silvery light filling and charging the water. The "moonwater" may then be used for scrying, cleansing your crystals or casting lunar spells.

Psychic Work

Use moonstone to help develop your psychic abilities. During meditation or attempts at astral projection, place a moonstone over your third eye Chakra. This will enhance the energies of your mind and sharpen your focus. It is best to practice this exercise with the Moon's light shining on you.

Lunar Lens

Imagine the moonstone acts as a lens, focusing the Moon's rays into your mind to enhance your intuition and psychic abilities.

Gardening Spells

Moonstone is associated with the growth of plants through its connection with the Moon. It is a good stone to use to help your garden bloom.

* To boost plants and trees that refuse to grow, place a moonstone at teh base of the stem or hang it from the branches. The crystal will draw the energy of the Moon to encourage growth.

* You can also water plants with the 'moonraked' water to promote growth.

Easing Water Retention

With its lunar connections, moonstone is a good crystal to use for relieving the discomfort of water retention.

* Carry a moonstone in your hip pocket or attach it to a hip chain. This will allow the crystal's lunar influence to easily reach the stomach area and help encourage the body to release excessive water stored there.

* During the waning phase of the Moon, take a moonstone and place it on a windowsill. The Moon's rays will recharge the moonstone and attune its energies to the receding tides.

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