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Cleansing Ritual for a Sick Friend

When a friend becomes ill, help speed his or her recovery by performing a cleansing ritual.

Performing a cleansing spell will help to cleanse your sick friends of their illness, and of any problems that might interfere with their recovery, such as feelings of vulnerability and depression.

Allowing time to recover

Before beginning, be mindful of your intentions; a person may need to go through a period of illness before he can be well again. Say "for the highest good" or " by divine will" before performing healing spells to show that you are honoring the process of the illness, as well as wishing for your friend's recovery.

Circle of Salt

Whenever you set up a spell, it is important to form some kind of circle around your activities. This defines the space, allowing you to focus your attention and helping to contain the energies you are channeling. This is called "binding" your spell the best way to bind a cleansing ritual is with a circle of salt, into which you can visualize the illness dissolving.

Performing your Ritual

You will need:

1 pale blue pillar candle
A memento of your sick friend- such as a photo or a piece of their jewelry
Natural sea salt.

You may perform this ritual up to three times a day.

1. No Disturbances---Find a quiet place to perform your ritual.

2. Healing Flowers---Place the flowers in a vase and set them down beside the candle.

3. Remember the Sick---Place the memento of your friend that you have chosen beside the candle.

4. Bind your Spell---Sprinkle a loose circle of natural sea salt around the group of items you have set up in order to define your magical area.

5. Candle Magic---Light your candle, and watch it slowly burn.

6. Thinking of You---Sit quietly for 15 minutes and imagine your friend's pain or sickness dissolving into the salt.

7. Ground the Spell---Blow our your candle, sweep up the salt, and dispose of it into some earth (away from plants, as salt can damage them.)

Your Cleansing Ritual Ingredients

Every item used in your cleansing spell has a specific purpose, although you may choose to make slight variations depending on the particular situation.

A Personal Item

The personal item you use will focus your thoughts on your friend, and clear any other concerns from your mind. By placing it at the center of the spell, you are showing that your friend's well being is your primary concern.

If you don't have a recent photo of your friend, use an item of her jewelry instead. Something you gave as a present will help strengthen the bond between you.

Wish for the outcome that is best for your friend-- not just for you. People need time to recover slowly more than you need your social life back!

Flowers for Life

Flowers are filled with the Sun's golden energy, making them an ideal ingredient in healing spells and a perfect gift for a sick friend even when you aren't casting a spell. Good flowers to use include:

Marigolds----represent and remind us of the life giving Sun, promote rest, recovery and renewal.

Red Geraniums---generally associated with strong and courageous Mars, the God of War, aid a speedy recovery.

Cyclamen---offers protection from setbacks during sleep and convalescence.

White Roses---promotes peace of mind and tranquility. White is the color of purity, washing away our worries and ills.

Potted Plants---those who watch the living, breathing plant grow will gain strength as they recover and their health blossoms.

Candles for Change

Candles represent fire, which gives out the heat and light necessary for life. Candles also symbolize transformation--our problems dissolve along with the wax.

* Use a pale blue candle to bring serenity, happiness, and protection.

* Use a wide or pillar candle so that it can be lit and re-lit throughout your friend's illness. A slow-burning candle is best, as recovery takes time.

* If your friend is undergoing surgery, use a violet candle, as this represents success and victory over the challenge.

* Use a black candle if your friend has been emotionally hurt, or is depressed.

Focus on the candle's flame as you imagine your good wishes flying toward your friend, carried by the smoke.

Crystals for Focus

Crystals send out subtle vibrations that affect the atmosphere. If you use an item of your friend's jewelry in your spell, the crystal set into it can help the spell to work.

* Amethyst clears headaches, stress and anxiety

* Citrine eases emotional states such as depression

* Turquoise is a master healing stone that strengthens and protects during illness

* Quartz harmonizes environments

As well as using crystals in spells, you can give your sick friend a small crystal touchstone to put under his or her pillow.

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