Thursday, August 9, 2007

How to Charge Crystals

When you start working with crystals, you also need to think about their care. As you use your crystals regularly, you'll build up a personal link with them, attuning them to your body's unique energies. You can also charge them up from other sources of magical energy, such as the Moon. As you use the gems, the energies they've built up will be dispersed. You'll need to recharge them from time to time to keep them working at optimum levels.

Drawing energy to you

Regular charging will ensure your crystal acts most effectively as a magnet to positive and healing energies. Recharging your stones regularly keeps them working effectively and also keeps the energies they affect focused on you.

Once your crystals have been charged to your specific energy signature, it's best not to let anyone else touch them, as they will work most efficiently for you alone.

When to charge crystals

You should charge your crystals during the waxing Moon, between the new and full moons when natural energies are growing with the increasing moonlight.
Prior to charging your crystal, carry it in your pocket to strengthen the link between the stone and your body's own magical energies.

Follow the simple steps below to charge your crystals with the magic of the Moon:

You will need

* A joss stick (the smoke represents the element air)
* A red candle (which represents fire)
* A small bowl of water (a shell makes an excellent container)
* A small bowl of soil (try to use an earthenware or wooden container)
* A bottle of an appropriate essential oil, such as frankincense or sandalwood

Place the bottle of oil in the middle of the items representing the elements with the bowl of earth above (north), the joss stick to the right (east), the candle below (south), and the bowl of water to the left (west) of the oil. This arrangement of the elements has magical associations of its own and will strengthen the spell.

1. Begin your ritual
Light your joss stick and candle. The joss stick's smoke represents the element of air; the candle's flame represents fire. (Light the candle first, then light the joss stick from the flame)

2. Charge with Air
Pass your crystal through the joss smoke, saying, " I charge you with the powers of the winds of air." Then simply blow the smoke all over the crystal.

3.Charge with Fire
Next, pass your crystal over the candle flame, saying, " I charge you with the power of the flames of fire." Visualize fire energy rising into your crystal.

4. Charge with Water
Sprinkle water over your crystal, saying, "I charge you with the power of the waves of water." Visualize the energies of rain and ocean spray in the drops of water.

5. Charge with Earth
Put your crystal in the bowl of earth, saying, " I charge you with the power of earth, from whence you came." Imagine the crystal absorbing the earth's energy.

6. Anoint your crystal
Now, anoint your crystal with oil, saying, "I charge you with the power of the spirit of life, harmony and truth." Visualize energy passing through you into the crystal.

7. Storing your crystal
Your crystal is now charged. To prevent it from becoming contaminated with unwanted energy, keep it in a silk bag until you need to use it again.

Your crystal will need to be cleansed regularly and should be recharged after every cleansing.

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